Main characters

Young Ukrainian frog with a passionate heart. He is brave, strong, believes that each frog creates its life. He is sure - it is possible to achieve any goal if you truly believe and do everything you can.

Dreamko was born in a typical Ukrainian frog town on a swamp near Prypyat. His mother works as a flies-catching teacher at frog elementary school, and his father is a well-known tamerer of predatory fish who tragically died when Dreamko was very young. There are 20 brothers and 2 sisters in his family. They all live in a small house on the outskirts of town. Favorite dish - fried fly's wings with chocolate. From childhood Drimko was markedly different from his relatives by his freedom of thought and fantastic ideas. That is why they called him "dreamer". But as we know, sometimes dreams come true ...

King of Cosmo-Cats on the planet Ruduk. He has lived for more than 500 years. Once - cheerful and fair but suspicious and cruel now.

Cat-Snake. King of the underground inhabitants of the planet Ruduk. He has a tough character, but for the good of his subjects he will do anything.

Sorceress, medium and witch of the Frog People. She can talk to all living things on the planet, she has a favorite - a beetle-dog Pzhynka.

Moisture cleaning beetle-dog. She lives on the planet Earth in the Frog Town with his mistress Grandma Rinaida

Magician, the oldest Cosmo-Frog today. Filled with strength through jokes and fun. He likes to make people laugh. One day he turned into a green fly and flew among the hungry Cosmo-Frogs. He even put himself in one of the beauties in the soup, flying out of the plate at the last second. Now he faithfully serves Kvara - Princess of Cosmo-Frogs.

Cosmo-kitty with a charming voice. The first floor-wiper in the palace of the cat king Meowkhan the 17th. Secretly in love with Meowkhr.

Strong, bold, loyal, brave spaceship captain. He believes in justice and is ready to fight for it. Defends the truth, helps everyone who needs it.

Kvaker was born on the planet Zelin (the modern planet Space-frog) in the family of the respected professor of kvaquantum technology Kvankus, and the popular singer Kvarinia. Due to her mother's excessive love of touring, little Kvaker grew up with her grandmother Kvakilda. Now his parents are divorced. At school he repeatedly got into unpleasant situations, protecting the weak ones. He often had bruises and scratches. He enjoys all kinds of mechanisms and new technologies. When Kvaker grew older, his father suddenly disappeared. Then, deciding to search for him, he studied the spacecraft pilot and went in search of outer space.

Proud and respectful frog lady. Captain Kvaker's grandmother. Considers restraint and good education as the key to a happy life. Likes stylish clothes, high heels, and diamond jewelry.

Kvakilda was born on the planet Zelin. Although she traveled extensively, she always returned to her home, built by her grand grandfather. As a child she enjoyed playing the kvarpsichord, which is why her parents gave her to a music school. There she met her future husband. She often tells that she comes from an ancient royal family, but no one believes her. She is proud of her son (Professor Kvankus) and her grandson. Now she lives in a family estate with a Space-rabbit gardener named Fred. She enjoys the classic style of hunting for Space-snails, which is a traditional pastime of the respected inhabitants of the planet Zelin.

The moistureabsorber beetle. Professor Kvankus' pet. Cheerful and trusting. He always misses when there is no owner near him.

Pyzhyk lives with professor Kvankus in the town of scientists Space-frogs on the planet Zelin. Consciously protects the laboratory of his master, monitors the humidity in the greenhouse of nano plants. Be friends with Chamomile, though sometimes they love and cuddle each other. A rare animal whose ancestors lived on the long-lost planet of the first space frogs Avak-37. He is friends with Chamomile but sometimes they like to quarrel. A rare animal whose ancestors lived on the long-lost planet of the first Space-frogs Avak-37.

Chief of security on the Space-cats ship. Serious and strong. He knows martial arts. Fair. Enjoys respect from relatives.

He was born in a family of oldbelievers cats on the planet Ruduk. Because of the hard fate of life on the planet, being a kitten he mastered several types of martial arts. The family often hid and repelled the attacks of the amphibious sea monster that hunted the Space-cats. He was always the smartest and strongest kitten among siblings. Both of his parents, siblings were bright red, so hiding was not easy. When Meowkhr grew up, he was taken to a specialized Red Brotherhood cat school. The kitten mentor immediately noticed a smart little kitten and sent him to a group of red space fighters training. Particularly striking to Meowkhr's classmates was his ability to emerge victorious in the "black noise" exercise, where blindfolded in the darkness needed to repel the attacks of many insects. Meowkhr's absolute concentration, strength and mind were on the top. Despite his successes, and the respect of his friends, Meowkhr often missed his family. In fact, he just like all the red kittens around, did not choose such a fate. But because of the rare on the planet Ruduk color of wool they had no choice.

Chef and guide on the Space-cats ship. Everyone loves him for his good character. The only thing he dreams about right now is losing weight. 

Soft and gentle kitten. Great musical ear, a penchant for creativity and drawing. Here are the basic qualities of this beautiful, small, red ball of wool. The parents - a big black cat and a small fat green cat - were glad to have such an heir. Everyone admired little Meowshik. Every cat in the underground city on the planet Ruduk, seeing a kitten, tried to tie a bow on his neck. That all changed when Meowshik grew up a bit and like all red kittens, came in a closed Red Brotherhood cat school. Here kittens not only studied, but also lived almost all year. They were only allowed to go home on vacation. It turned out that neither in science nor in the martial arts Miaushik is capable. From a favorite he turned into a failure. It is not known what terrible things would have happened to him if he had not meet his friend Meowhr. Noticing the upset red cat at the party, and learning what was the matter, he suggested mentors to send Meowshik for training in the squad of cook cats. Although this detachment was the smallest in size, every Red Brotherhood spaceship had to have its own cook. Within a month of training it became clear that Miaushik would be one of the best cooks of the Red Brotherhood.

Chief engineer on the Space-cats ship. He can fix anything. Understands more than 50,000 mechanisms. The biggest dream is to change the color of wool.

Meowchin grew up in a landfill. There was a small landfill of construction and broken machinery contained waste on the planet Ruduk. Meowchin didn't remember who his parents were, he didn't know who helped little him to survive. As a child he was constantly dirty, and the surrounding Space-cats did not notice his rare red hair. As a young man, he realized that with broken equipment scattered around he could create something new and effective. He fashioned a fluffy anti-gravity monocycle and went on it to the only sea on the planet. Meowchin dreamed to see such beauty all his life. Rolling to the water, he bent over the calm water mirror. He looked down. For a moment he thought that something big, green was looking out from under the water…. The frightened little kitty hurried back as quickly as possible, but at the shore he did not cope with driving and fell into the water. He was noticed  from the air by one of the Red Brotherhood's tutors, who had just flown over the sea on a small fluffy plane. The water washed away the dirt and ash from the wool. The red color of the wool shone in the sun.

A professor specializing in kvaquantum technology. Kvaker's father. Grows and researches nano-plants. Kind and respectful.

With a mother like Kvakilda, there is nothing left but to be a good polite boy, to do homework on time, to eat at the table with a knife and fork, and to read a lot. No one had ever guessed, how very young schoolboy Kvankus and even a more senior respected professor Kvankus, wanted to dive into a truly desperate adventure! Do not restrain himself, do whatever he wants! But, as always, Kvankus' mother Kvakilda's said: "Restraint and good education are the key to a happy life".  The rational part of the professor even genuinely believed in it and did not allow him to do any nonsense. One day, little Kvankus decided to fulfill his childhood dream: after waiting for his parents to fall asleep in the evening, he climbed out the window and headed for the woods. Nobody knows yet, and even he does not remember, probably what happened later that night. But when in the morning the frightened Kvakilda and Kvados (Kvankus' parents) ran in search of their son, they found him at the top of the tallest palm tree. No one gets how he small and weak could get there. Little Kvancus did not tell his parents anything at all, and could not remember it later. But since then, he became interested in plants, and plants became interested in him))))

Princess of the planet Avak-37. She is passionate about the environment and believes in new technologies that improve the environment.

The daughter of the king of the planet Avak-37. She is smart, beautiful and has sincere heart. From the outside, it seemed that little Kvara had only been surrounded by a fairy-tale world since childhood. Many dresses (which she hated), politeness lessons and frog etiquette (which just drove her crazy), only the best toys and food…. and lots of disingenuous smiles around. At night, she sometimes wanted to climb the tallest tower of their royal palace, and just crochet to the moon. Her father was only true friend of her. The king was fond of technical inventions and often took his daughter with him to the workshop. There they worked together the most amazing things, sometimes for hours without distracting for a moment. It was fascinating and inspiring for Kvara. Over time, she became an increasingly skilled craftsman. Until one day, her new invention changed everything ...

Nano vegetable from professor Kvankus' greenhouse. He likes to talk. Confident in its uniqueness, beauty and intelligence.

A smart, egotistical, but savvy nanowatch, from professor Kvankus' lab. Likes to communicate with anyone nearby. He has his own opinion about everything. Comes with Chamomile. Unfortunately, Tomato (or Tomato the Great, as he calls himself) is perhaps the only talkative vegetable in the greenhouse, so he often has no one to talk to. When professor Kvankus appears nearby, the Talking Tomato tells him everything that has fallen, falls or will fall on his mind. One day he warned the professor in time that the automatic irrigation system had broken. After that, though the plants had not been watered for only one hour, the Talking Tomato sincerely believe that he had saved everyone from a terrible arid death.

Space-rabbit. The gardener in the Kvakilda estate. Has a tattoo under his tail, which he hides from everyone.

On the Space-rabbits planet Fred was considered one of the best plant technologists. For a long time, almost 200-years life, he was able to hone his skills by one hundred percent. First he specialized exclusively in carrots and cabbage, giving them amazing shapes. He first began to grow square carrots and triangular cabbage, for which he received the Fantasy Gardener of the Century award. He never liked tomatoes because he was allergic to them.  When Fred was over his first hundred years, he decided to get married and start a family of his own. His wife's name was Rida. They even had five beautiful rabbits, which they raised together. After the Space-rabbits planet ceased to exist, children grew up, and Rida fell in love with another, Fred started to travel a lot. He always liked working as a gardener, and with such skills he was in demand everywhere. During his life, Fred had time to work with Space-beavers and Space-egrets. He was even invited to the Space-cats planet Ruduk but Fred did not want to live underground almost all year. Later he got to the planet Zelin, where he decided to stay. He really liked wonderful green planet, with polite Space-frogs.

Captain of the Space-cats ship from the Red Brotherhood. Likes frog soup. The main thing in his life is power.

On the Whitegret planet where little Tzap was born, the law was one for all. The taller you are - the nicer you are. Space-egrets did everything to be taller: they wore high heels and tall hats ... Unfortunately, Tzap was always the lowest among his peers. "It's not fair!" he thought, staying alone. "Why am I worse than others? Is it really all that is needed in life ?!"

There was an ancient custom of hunting dwarf frogs on the planet Whitegret. In fact, Space-egrets no longer needed such food with the development of technology, but the traditions were respected. Each year, the highest of them gather in the conservation area, the only green corner on the planet where little dwarf frogs still live, and hunt. Tzap dreamed of getting there at least once, but considering his small height, everyone around laughed at his dream. Then Tzap decided to leave his home planet and became a cleaner on one of the random spaceship. After working there for several months he encouraged part of the crew to rebel. Together they captured the spaceship and turned into real space pirates. Then for the first time in his life Tzap became a captain.

Head of the Space-beavers trade guild. He loves money very much. Respects strength. At night by the habit he nibbles his own spaceship made of techno-twigs.

Khrum grew in complete darkness. According to the ancient habit of his people, Space-moles grew the little princes of Space-beavers. Thanks to this education, all princes and princesses of the beaver people acquired a special ability to hear everything that even whispers say about them. It really helped them in their future ruling. No one could have plan a betrayal without beavers' knowing. Unlike the siblings Khrum was afraid of darkness. Without coping with this fear he often woke up at night or slept under the bed. After he saw the light for the first time he always tried to be within it. 

When Khrum was crowned, and took the post of head of the Space-beavers trade guild and the title "Twenty-fifth" (not because there were 24 rullers before him named Khrum, but because it was considered a magical number for beavers) he decided to become the owner of not only his planet, but all of them. "Only by conquering all the worlds I will finally be able to calm down" - he thought while nibbling the family iron tree. It always allowed him to focus and think.

Хтось прочитує книгу, а потім бажає продовжити історії з новими друзями. ? Комусь потрібно почати з власних історій та нових персонажів ))

? Для Вас Ми підготували розмальовки із книги "Ква(ко)ролі світів"! Разом з ними діти зможуть зануритись у Космічний Всесвіт пригод та історій.

❗️Завантажуйте і розмальовуйте❗️ Надсилайте нам свої роботи, найкращі будуть розміщені на сайті в спеціальному розділі фанклубу )))) Для учасників фан-клубу особливі умови (подарунки, розіграші, зустрічі)


A planet with many seas, rivers and oceans. With the development of technology, it seemed to its residents that almost nothing unknown and special left on it. But is it really so? How well has planet Earth been studied? Are all its residents really known? Where do they live and what do they do? Suddenly, there are still unknown worlds here that humankind does not even realize….

Captain Kvaker

Planet of Space-cats. Desert planet. There is a small sea that cuts off a smaller part (pole) of the planet from the main one. Most Space-cats live in a giant underground city. Only a small fraction of the inhabitants choose to live on the surface. 'Cause the Space-cats are occasionally hunted by an amphibious marine monster living in the only sea on the planet.


The planet of Space-frogs. 80% covered with greenery. It has small rivers and swamps. There is one big frog city on the planet that stretches for millions of miles and the Spaceport. Space-frogs from the planet Zelin are technically advanced. They use nano-plants and kvaquantum technologies in their lives. Also, there is a separate town on the planet where the scientists of Space-frogs live and work.

Talking Tomato

Planet of the first Space-frogs. Now completely covered with water. Almost nothing is known about it. Legends of the frog planet claim that once upon a time there was an environmental disaster. This forced its residents to seek a new home. The planet Zelin became this new home.

Khrum 25