A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


A professor specializing in kvaquantum technology. Kvaker's father. Grows and researches nano-plants. Kind and respectful.

With a mother like Kvakilda, there is nothing left but to be a good polite boy, to do homework on time, to eat at the table with a knife and fork, and to read a lot. No one had ever guessed, how very young schoolboy Kvankus and even a more senior respected professor Kvankus, wanted to dive into a truly desperate adventure! Do not restrain himself, do whatever he wants! But, as always, Kvankus' mother Kvakilda's said: "Restraint and good education are the key to a happy life".  The rational part of the professor even genuinely believed in it and did not allow him to do any nonsense. One day, little Kvankus decided to fulfill his childhood dream: after waiting for his parents to fall asleep in the evening, he climbed out the window and headed for the woods. Nobody knows yet, and even he does not remember, probably what happened later that night. But when in the morning the frightened Kvakilda and Kvados (Kvankus' parents) ran in search of their son, they found him at the top of the tallest palm tree. No one gets how he small and weak could get there. Little Kvancus did not tell his parents anything at all, and could not remember it later. But since then, he became interested in plants, and plants became interested in him))))

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