Olga Duzhak
"Kva-Kings of the Worlds"
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245 UAH
"290 грн. Книга+Розмальовка+Автограф"
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During a fun space detective adventure, the Ukrainian frog Dreamko, along with his friend the brave captain Quaker from the planet Zelin help the Cosmo-cats pirates reduce weight by establishing healthy diets for them. They find themselves among the incredible nano-plants of Professor Kvankus, and reveal the secret of the disappearance of the first planet of Cosmo-frogs, called Avak-37. They also help to solve the ecological disaster that happened on that planet. The book uses tricks of "Fairytale Therapy" which was taught by the author. The book is very good and funny, it teaches children mutual support, the importance of a healthy diet and respect for the environment.

"Kva-Kings of the Worlds"
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  • For children 6-12 years old
  • 232 pages
  • Language: Ukrainian

Have you ever seen a frog staring at the night sky for hours? And if you saw what would come to your mind? Perhaps you would have decided that the amphibian was crazy? Or maybe everything is simpler, the frog just can not swallow a huge fly that is stuck in his throat? That is why he sits with his head back, and his eyes are directed to the starry sky. And perhaps he dreams of a new life on other planets? But which guess from these and many others will be true? This story is about one such frog.

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