A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Chef and guide on the Space-cats ship. Everyone loves him for his good character. The only thing he dreams about right now is losing weight. 

Soft and gentle kitten. Great musical ear, a penchant for creativity and drawing. Here are the basic qualities of this beautiful, small, red ball of wool. The parents - a big black cat and a small fat green cat - were glad to have such an heir. Everyone admired little Meowshik. Every cat in the underground city on the planet Ruduk, seeing a kitten, tried to tie a bow on his neck. That all changed when Meowshik grew up a bit and like all red kittens, came in a closed Red Brotherhood cat school. Here kittens not only studied, but also lived almost all year. They were only allowed to go home on vacation. It turned out that neither in science nor in the martial arts Miaushik is capable. From a favorite he turned into a failure. It is not known what terrible things would have happened to him if he had not meet his friend Meowhr. Noticing the upset red cat at the party, and learning what was the matter, he suggested mentors to send Meowshik for training in the squad of cook cats. Although this detachment was the smallest in size, every Red Brotherhood spaceship had to have its own cook. Within a month of training it became clear that Miaushik would be one of the best cooks of the Red Brotherhood.


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