A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds

Talking Tomato

Nano vegetable from professor Kvankus' greenhouse. He likes to talk. Confident in its uniqueness, beauty and intelligence.

A smart, egotistical, but savvy nanowatch, from professor Kvankus' lab. Likes to communicate with anyone nearby. He has his own opinion about everything. Comes with Chamomile. Unfortunately, Tomato (or Tomato the Great, as he calls himself) is perhaps the only talkative vegetable in the greenhouse, so he often has no one to talk to. When professor Kvankus appears nearby, the Talking Tomato tells him everything that has fallen, falls or will fall on his mind. One day he warned the professor in time that the automatic irrigation system had broken. After that, though the plants had not been watered for only one hour, the Talking Tomato sincerely believe that he had saved everyone from a terrible arid death.

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