Young Ukrainian frog with a passionate heart. He is brave, strong, believes that each frog creates its life. He is sure - it is possible to achieve any goal if you truly believe and do everything you…
King of Cosmo-Cats on the planet Ruduk. He has lived for more than 500 years. Once - cheerful and fair but suspicious and cruel now.
Meowkhan the 17th
Sorceress, medium and witch of the Frog People. She can talk to all living things on the planet, she has a favorite - a beetle-dog Pzhynka.
Cosmo-kitty with a charming voice. The first floor-wiper in the palace of the cat king Meowkhan the 17th. Secretly in love with Meowkhr.
Cat-Snake. King of the underground inhabitants of the planet Ruduk. He has a tough character, but for the good of his subjects he will do anything.
Magician, the oldest Cosmo-Frog today. Filled with strength through jokes and fun. He likes to make people laugh.