Young Ukrainian frog with a passionate heart. He is brave, strong, believes that each frog creates its life. He is sure - it is possible to achieve any goal if you truly believe and do everything you…
Strong, bold, loyal, brave spaceship captain. He believes in justice and is ready to fight for it. Defends the truth, helps everyone who needs it.
Captain Kvaker
Proud and respectful frog lady. Captain Kvaker's grandmother. Considers restraint and good education as the key to a happy life. Likes stylish clothes, high heels, and diamond jewelry.
The moistureabsorber beetle. Professor Kvankus' pet. Cheerful and trusting. He always misses when there is no owner near him.
Chief of security on the Space-cats ship. Serious and strong. He knows martial arts. Fair. Enjoys respect from relatives.
Chef and guide on the Space-cats ship. Everyone loves him for his good character. The only thing he dreams about right now is losing weight.