A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Proud and respectful frog lady. Captain Kvaker's grandmother. Considers restraint and good education as the key to a happy life. Likes stylish clothes, high heels, and diamond jewelry.

Kvakilda was born on the planet Zelin. Although she traveled extensively, she always returned to her home, built by her grand grandfather. As a child she enjoyed playing the kvarpsichord, which is why her parents gave her to a music school. There she met her future husband. She often tells that she comes from an ancient royal family, but no one believes her. She is proud of her son (Professor Kvankus) and her grandson. Now she lives in a family estate with a Space-rabbit gardener named Fred. She enjoys the classic style of hunting for Space-snails, which is a traditional pastime of the respected inhabitants of the planet Zelin.

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