A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Princess of the planet Avak-37. She is passionate about the environment and believes in new technologies that improve the environment.

The daughter of the king of the planet Avak-37. She is smart, beautiful and has sincere heart. From the outside, it seemed that little Kvara had only been surrounded by a fairy-tale world since childhood. Many dresses (which she hated), politeness lessons and frog etiquette (which just drove her crazy), only the best toys and food…. and lots of disingenuous smiles around. At night, she sometimes wanted to climb the tallest tower of their royal palace, and just crochet to the moon. Her father was only true friend of her. The king was fond of technical inventions and often took his daughter with him to the workshop. There they worked together the most amazing things, sometimes for hours without distracting for a moment. It was fascinating and inspiring for Kvara. Over time, she became an increasingly skilled craftsman. Until one day, her new invention changed everything ...

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