A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds

Captain Kvaker

Strong, bold, loyal, brave spaceship captain. He believes in justice and is ready to fight for it. Defends the truth, helps everyone who needs it.

Kvaker was born on the planet Zelin (the modern planet Space-frog) in the family of the respected professor of kvaquantum technology Kvankus, and the popular singer Kvarinia. Due to her mother's excessive love of touring, little Kvaker grew up with her grandmother Kvakilda. Now his parents are divorced. At school he repeatedly got into unpleasant situations, protecting the weak ones. He often had bruises and scratches. He enjoys all kinds of mechanisms and new technologies. When Kvaker grew older, his father suddenly disappeared. Then, deciding to search for him, he studied the spacecraft pilot and went in search of outer space.

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