A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Chief of security on the Space-cats ship. Serious and strong. He knows martial arts. Fair. Enjoys respect from relatives.

He was born in a family of oldbelievers cats on the planet Ruduk. Because of the hard fate of life on the planet, being a kitten he mastered several types of martial arts. The family often hid and repelled the attacks of the amphibious sea monster that hunted the Space-cats. He was always the smartest and strongest kitten among siblings. Both of his parents, siblings were bright red, so hiding was not easy. When Meowkhr grew up, he was taken to a specialized Red Brotherhood cat school. The kitten mentor immediately noticed a smart little kitten and sent him to a group of red space fighters training. Particularly striking to Meowkhr's classmates was his ability to emerge victorious in the "black noise" exercise, where blindfolded in the darkness needed to repel the attacks of many insects. Meowkhr's absolute concentration, strength and mind were on the top. Despite his successes, and the respect of his friends, Meowkhr often missed his family. In fact, he just like all the red kittens around, did not choose such a fate. But because of the rare on the planet Ruduk color of wool they had no choice.

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