A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Captain of the Space-cats ship from the Red Brotherhood. Likes frog soup. The main thing in his life is power.

On the Whitegret planet where little Tzap was born, the law was one for all. The taller you are - the nicer you are. Space-egrets did everything to be taller: they wore high heels and tall hats ... Unfortunately, Tzap was always the lowest among his peers. "It's not fair!" he thought, staying alone. "Why am I worse than others? Is it really all that is needed in life ?!"

There was an ancient custom of hunting dwarf frogs on the planet Whitegret. In fact, Space-egrets no longer needed such food with the development of technology, but the traditions were respected. Each year, the highest of them gather in the conservation area, the only green corner on the planet where little dwarf frogs still live, and hunt. Tzap dreamed of getting there at least once, but considering his small height, everyone around laughed at his dream. Then Tzap decided to leave his home planet and became a cleaner on one of the random spaceship. After working there for several months he encouraged part of the crew to rebel. Together they captured the spaceship and turned into real space pirates. Then for the first time in his life Tzap became a captain.

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