A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds

Khrum 25

Head of the Space-beavers trade guild. He loves money very much. Respects strength. At night by the habit he nibbles his own spaceship made of techno-twigs.

Khrum grew in complete darkness. According to the ancient habit of his people, Space-moles grew the little princes of Space-beavers. Thanks to this education, all princes and princesses of the beaver people acquired a special ability to hear everything that even whispers say about them. It really helped them in their future ruling. No one could have plan a betrayal without beavers' knowing. Unlike the siblings Khrum was afraid of darkness. Without coping with this fear he often woke up at night or slept under the bed. After he saw the light for the first time he always tried to be within it. 

When Khrum was crowned, and took the post of head of the Space-beavers trade guild and the title "Twenty-fifth" (not because there were 24 rullers before him named Khrum, but because it was considered a magical number for beavers) he decided to become the owner of not only his planet, but all of them. "Only by conquering all the worlds I will finally be able to calm down" - he thought while nibbling the family iron tree. It always allowed him to focus and think.

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