A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Space-rabbit. The gardener in the Kvakilda estate. Has a tattoo under his tail, which he hides from everyone.

On the Space-rabbits planet Fred was considered one of the best plant technologists. For a long time, almost 200-years life, he was able to hone his skills by one hundred percent. First he specialized exclusively in carrots and cabbage, giving them amazing shapes. He first began to grow square carrots and triangular cabbage, for which he received the Fantasy Gardener of the Century award. He never liked tomatoes because he was allergic to them.  When Fred was over his first hundred years, he decided to get married and start a family of his own. His wife's name was Rida. They even had five beautiful rabbits, which they raised together. After the Space-rabbits planet ceased to exist, children grew up, and Rida fell in love with another, Fred started to travel a lot. He always liked working as a gardener, and with such skills he was in demand everywhere. During his life, Fred had time to work with Space-beavers and Space-egrets. He was even invited to the Space-cats planet Ruduk but Fred did not want to live underground almost all year. Later he got to the planet Zelin, where he decided to stay. He really liked wonderful green planet, with polite Space-frogs.

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