A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Young Ukrainian frog with a passionate heart. He is brave, strong, believes that each frog creates its life. He is sure - it is possible to achieve any goal if you truly believe and do everything you can.

Dreamko was born in a typical Ukrainian frog town on a swamp near Prypyat. His mother works as a flies-catching teacher at frog elementary school, and his father is a well-known tamerer of predatory fish who tragically died when Dreamko was very young. There are 20 brothers and 2 sisters in his family. They all live in a small house on the outskirts of town. Favorite dish - fried fly's wings with chocolate. From childhood Drimko was markedly different from his relatives by his freedom of thought and fantastic ideas. That is why they called him "dreamer". But as we know, sometimes dreams come true ...

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