A series of qua (co) roles of the worlds


Chief engineer on the Space-cats ship. He can fix anything. Understands more than 50,000 mechanisms. The biggest dream is to change the color of wool.

Meowchin grew up in a landfill. There was a small landfill of construction and broken machinery contained waste on the planet Ruduk. Meowchin didn't remember who his parents were, he didn't know who helped little him to survive. As a child he was constantly dirty, and the surrounding Space-cats did not notice his rare red hair. As a young man, he realized that with broken equipment scattered around he could create something new and effective. He fashioned a fluffy anti-gravity monocycle and went on it to the only sea on the planet. Meowchin dreamed to see such beauty all his life. Rolling to the water, he bent over the calm water mirror. He looked down. For a moment he thought that something big, green was looking out from under the water…. The frightened little kitty hurried back as quickly as possible, but at the shore he did not cope with driving and fell into the water. He was noticed  from the air by one of the Red Brotherhood's tutors, who had just flown over the sea on a small fluffy plane. The water washed away the dirt and ash from the wool. The red color of the wool shone in the sun.

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