Fantastic worlds
A planet with many seas, rivers and oceans. With the development of technology, it seemed to its residents that almost nothing unknown and special left on it. But is it really so? How well has planet Earth been studied? Are all its residents really known? Where do they live and what do they do? Suddenly, there are still unknown worlds here that humankind does not even realize….
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Planet of Space-cats. Desert planet. There is a small sea that cuts off a smaller part (pole) of the planet from the main one. Most Space-cats live in a giant underground city. Only a small fraction of the inhabitants choose to live on the surface. 'Cause the Space-cats are occasionally hunted by an amphibious marine monster living in the only sea on the planet.
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The planet of Space-Frogs. 80% covered with greenery. It has small rivers and swamps. There is one big frog city on the planet that stretches for millions of miles and the Spaceport. Space-frogs from the planet Zelin are technically advanced. They use nano-plants and kvaquantum technologies in their lives. Also, there is a separate town on the planet where the scientists of Space-frogs live and…
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Planet of the first Space-frogs. Now completely covered with water. Almost nothing is known about it. Legends of the frog planet claim that once upon a time there was an environmental disaster. This forced her residents to seek a new home. The planet Zelin became this new home.
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Планета Космо-Бобрів та Космо-Кротів. Квадратна планета, що за формою нагадує кубик. Планета Кубус вкрита кам’яними горами та скелями. Має багато річок в яких живуть сірі глибоководні рибки-піраньї. Єдиними рослинами тут є Залізні дерева, з яких Космо-Бобри будують свої річкові будиночки та плотини. Адже, лише цю деревину піраньї ніяк не можуть прокусити, і їх жителі почувають себе в безпеці.
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