Fantastic worlds


Planet of Space-cats. Desert planet. There is a small sea that cuts off a smaller part (pole) of the planet from the main one. Most Space-cats live in a giant underground city. Only a small fraction of the inhabitants choose to live on the surface. 'Cause the Space-cats are occasionally hunted by an amphibious marine monster living in the only sea on the planet.

Space-cats of all colors (purple, green, blue, black, white, gray…) live on this planet. Red cats are very rare and have a unique composition of wool. Only the red cats' wool is suitable for the new method of creating energy invented by Space-cats. Cats do not know other methods of energy production. When a red kitten is born in the Space-cat's family, it is a great honor and joy for everyone. Such a kitten immediately goes to the Red Brotherhood. Brotherhood members travel in space or become scientists and work in the main planet's laboratory. Most of the Red Brotherhood ships travel in space and aim to find new ways of producing and storing energy that are suitable to use it on their planet. The main location of the Red Brotherhood is on the secluded pole of the planet. Only the red cats can get there - they are the only ones among feline people flying on the ships.

A small part of the Space-cats - the oldbelievers live on the surface of the planet as their ancestors did before. They like to live on the surface, play in the sand and purr. Such a life sometimes does not last long because of the constant attacks of a sea monster. Because of this, most Space-cats choose to live underground in a feline city. Space-cats grow edible crystals in their underground caves. This is their main food. Underground buildings and streets are lit by mushrooms and plants that shine rather poorly. Although this is not a problem for Space-Cats, who see well in the dark.

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