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Planet of the first Space-frogs. Now completely covered with water. Almost nothing is known about it. Legends of the frog planet claim that once upon a time there was an environmental disaster. This forced her residents to seek a new home. The planet Zelin became this new home.

The legend of Avak-37 is told by the inhabitant of the planet Zelin, the grandmother Quakilda: “We have a legend from Zelin. We share it from generation to generation. It states that we were not born on this planet. Long time ago our ancestors arrived on the planet Zelin from deep space. These were the first Space-frogs. Travelers. Where they came from and why they decided to stay here is still a mystery. All we know is that their home planet, called Avak-37, is on the opposite side of the universe. It is also known that they have never returned to their planet, because something terrible happened before their flight. All that we got from them is our current culture and upbringing. Many of us have a dream that someday we'll be able to return to our historic homeland and find out what happened there. ”

Zelin now has a museum that holds a huge pile of ancient unmelting ice from Avak-37. And there is a frozen skeleton of one of the Founding Frogs inside of it.  The skeleton pose says that he is protecting something, but no one knows what or why. Only now, thanks to technology advances, Space-frog scientists from the planet Zelin have been able to separate the skeleton from ice. Space-frogs scientists are engaged in a deep study of the strange ancient ice. Today the coordinates of the planet Avak-37 are lost. And no one knows what is happening on this planet now.

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