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A planet with many seas, rivers and oceans. With the development of technology, it seemed to its residents that almost nothing unknown and special left on it. But is it really so? How well has planet Earth been studied? Are all its residents really known? Where do they live and what do they do? Suddenly, there are still unknown worlds here that humankind does not even realize….
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There is a frog town on planet Earth near the Prypyat River. A young Ukrainian frog named Dreamko was born and lives here. All the frogs in the town live in houses, some of which are under, and some are above water. Children's rooms in homes are usually located at the bottom, 'cause the polliwogs (future frogs) need water. The oldest frogs in family occupy the highest rooms. The oldest and wisest swamp frog lives in a tower that rises above the water and the city. Old frog goes for a walk extremely rare, as it is difficult for her joints to jump so high up home. There are schools and frog kindergartens in the city. There is even a frog theater that gives performances once a month. Leaf tickets can be purchased here for special purple dried butterflies, which are extremely difficult to catch.

The biggest problem with frog life in this quiet, at first glance, city is the regular attack of snakes that live in large numbers around. To protect themsalves, frogs learned how to regulate their body temperature. As a snake approaches, the frog lowers its temperature to the level of the stone and so snake stops seeing it. This skill is very important for the residents of the town and therefore taught in frog school from the first grade. Our frogs are also very surprised by the existence of other animals on Earth. They tried to make contact them but failed it every time. The meeting with them usually ends only with a frog's hi, but then the conversation stops for some reason.

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