Kva-kings at School Garant
29 October 2019
The event has already taken place

Kva-kings recently visited a child development center - School Garant. The book's author, Olga Duzhak, gave a presentation during which she told the children and parents about the book's heroes and their stories. After the presentation, everyone, even a few adults, tried to create their own character images of the book using coloring books. The author also read the most fascinating moments from the book. The children actively participated in the presentation by asking questions. In the photo you can see who likes to read the most. Some students began reading the first chapter as soon as the book came to their hands.

In the end, everyone was able to get an autographed book and take a photo with the author. Also, the headmaster of the school, Victoria Gogol, raffled copies of the book among the students who could not attend the presentation.