Olga Duzhak
Set of 4 books + Coloring Book and Audio as a gift
Набір з 4-х книг+Аудіо Розмальовка
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A series of 4 books "Kva-Kings of the worlds" is a fascinating story! During a fun space adventure, the Ukrainian frog Dreamko and his friend Captain Kvaker help the pirates Cosmo-Cats (Part 1), find themselves among the incredible nano-plants in Professor Kvankus's laboratory (Part 2), reveal the mystery of the disappearance of the first Cosmo-Frogs planet Avak-37 (Part 3), and help the colorful Cosmo-Cats on the planet Ruduk (Part 4).

The book is very good and funny. It teaches children mutual support, the importance of a healthy diet and respect for the environment.

Set of 4 books + Coloring Book and Audio as a gift

The set includes:

  • Kva-Kings of the worlds. Part 1. Fluffy pirates - 128 pages
  • Kva-Kings of the worlds. Part 2. Laboratory of extraterregreen technologies - 128 pages
  • Kva-Kings of the worlds. Part 3. The secret of the planet Avak-37 - 128 pages
  • Kva-Kings of the worlds. Part 4. The mystery of the black crown - 164 pages
  • Coloring Book. Kva-Kings of the worlds - 32 pages
  • Autograph and wishes from the author with the name of your child


All the books "Kva-Kings of the worlds":

  • for children 5-12 years old:
  • hardcover
  • page size А5 (15,5х21,5cm)
  • high quality white paper, bright illustrations
  • language: Ukrainian


About Audio Coloring Book "Kva-Kings":

Coloring book with the Heroes of the series of books "Kva-Kings of the worlds" and short stories printed on high-quality paper. It will interest children who are just learning to read and also perfect for older children. Cosmo-Frogs, Cosmo-Cats, Cosmo-Beavers, Cosmo-Heron and Chatty Tomato are waiting for you

  • 32 pages
  • page size A5
  • Ukrainian language
  • 14 chapters of the book in audio format
  • high-quality paper
  • laminated cover
Series Kva-Kings of the Worlds
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