Olga Duzhak
Part 4. Mystery of the black crown
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370грн Книга+АудіоРозмальовка+Автограф
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Avak-37 - the planet of the first Cosmo-Frogs is in danger! Time is short, and the real Heroes of the Frog People - Dreamko and Princess Kvara are in a hurry to help. In search of answers to the mystery of the witch, they find themselves on the colorful Cosmo-Cats planet Ruduk. There are many surprises and adventures waiting for them: the underground city of Cosmo-Cats, the crystal golem Kotun, the magician Kvarlin, a lot of magic and technology and the first of three secrets - the mystery of the Cat King's black crown.

The book is very good and funny. It teaches children mutual support, the importance of a healthy diet and respect for the environment.

Part 4. Mystery of the black crown

About the book Kva-Kings of the World:

  • for children 5-12 years old:
  • 164 pages
  • hardcover
  • page size А5 (15,5х21,5cm)
  • high quality white paper, bright illustrations
  • language: Ukrainian
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