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Audio Coloring Book. Kva-Kings of the worlds
100 грн Аудіо Розмальовка
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Audio coloring brings up the love of reading! Affter listening to the beginning of the story about frogs - "Kva-Kings of the worlds", the child will read the continuation of the story him/herself. Consists of :

  • audio tale “Kva-Kings of the worlds. Part 1. Fluffy Pirates ”(14 chapters), recorded in a professional studio
  • coloring book (32pages) with images of the Heroes of the book series "Kva-Kings of the worlds" and short stories.
Audio Coloring Book. Kva-Kings of the worlds

Audio coloring is a unique product created for the development of your child. Audio coloring is the development of fine motor skills, hearing and imagination of your child.

About Audio Coloring Book "Kva-Kings":

Coloring book with the Heroes of the series of books "Kva-Kings of the worlds" and short stories printed on high-quality paper. It will interest children who are just learning to read and also perfect for older children. Cosmo-Frogs, Cosmo-Cats, Cosmo-Beavers, Cosmo-Heron and Chatty Tomato are waiting for you

  • 32 pages
  • page size A5
  • Ukrainian language
  • 14 chapters of the book in audio format
  • high-quality paper
  • laminated cover

Series Kva-Kings of the Worlds
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